Empowering a Community


  • Students are able to envision a future they never imagined before attending Park Academy.
  • Students are equipped to articulate their strengths, as well as their challenges, and are able to advocate for ways that their teachers can address their unique learning profiles.
  • Students perceive themselves as confident, future leaders who will become contributing members of their community and society.


  • Teachers participate in rigorous professional development activities that prepare them to address the distinct educational, social, and emotional needs of learning challenged students.
  • Teachers are highly qualified and are skilled at designing research-based curricula for addressing how Park Academy students learn.
  • Teachers value and embrace the importance of learning from students how best to instruct them.

Families & Communities

  • Families are provided a support system, to maintain the balance between home and school, in dealing with the academic, social, and emotional struggles.
  • Communities recognize the benefits of recruiting the amazing and creative talent students like ours bring to the workforce.


Students at Park Academy process language differently because of their unique brain architecture and circuitry. In order to differentiate learning for our students, we use specialized and targeted multisensory instructional methodologies that build new neural networks in order to increase learning efficiency and capacity. Our multisensory approach to learning is simultaneously auditory, visual, and kinesthetic/tactile. Students give, receive, and store information by hearing it, seeing it, saying it, and feeling or touching it.


A total language approach teaches through (rather than to) the intellect, enabling students to use thinking processes that might be quite automatic for their peers without specific learning differences.  Park Academy students find themselves in an environment where their classmates experience similar learning challenges. Classes are limited in size and carefully grouped to maximize individual attention and processing styles.  Students benefit from dynamics and interactions tailored to their individual needs. Park Academy students are taught the same standards used in public schools and assessed with proven evidence-based practices. It is our mission to prepare all Park Academy students for post-secondary education.


Literacy is taught in an integrated block that includes reading (receptive language) and writing (expressive language). Explicit multisensory reading instruction builds reading fluency and comprehension beginning with a basic understanding of sound and symbol relationship (phonemic awareness). Newly acquired reading and spelling skills are applied in an integrated literacy class that engages students in guided and independent reading and writing through carefully selected literature and developmentally appropriate writing tasks.

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