Imagining a Brighter Future

Our students have the capability to change the world, which begins in their own community. They just need an environment that encourages them to recognize their abilities and cultivates the inner confidence of each to make change.


Parent & Student Testimonials:

“Our family took the risk of relocating to the Portland area in hopes that Park Academy could help our son learn. The transformation our son has undergone since his first day at Park Academy is unbelievable… The compassionate teaching staff possess the knowledge, skills and empathy it takes to truly reach and help a child with learning differences. They provide a haven for these children where they don’t need to feel ashamed for their challenges.”
~ Shaman & Jean, Parents

“Park Academy has helped students in many ways. It helped me with my spelling and grammar which I would not have gotten at a public school.”
Kurt, Student

“The moment I found Park Academy online, we began the long process of moving our family from California to Oregon so that my beautiful smart boy could get the education he deserves. It’s such a relief for him to be in a place where everyone knows what dyslexia is, and how truly gifted these kids are… Every city should have a Park Academy.”
~Denice Doumitt, Parent

“I had never felt a teacher cared about me in my lifetime, until I came here.”
~ Jack, Alumni

“Park Academy has changed my son’s life. He quite frankly is a different person. I now know my son will be able to reach his full potential in life.
~Anne, Parent

“Our son had essentially given up the fight with learning. He said ‘School is just not for me. I don’t think I can go back.’ At Park Academy he has done a 180 degree turnaround. The boy who didn’t think he could finish high school wants to be a scientist. We now have discussions, initiated by him, about the best colleges for him. He’s soaring. The single word that best describes our feelings about Park Academy is ‘gratitude’.”
~Steve & Angela, Parents

“Our son thrived and jumped two grade levels in reading!”
~Chris, Parent

“We cannot praise Park Academy highly enough. When our daughter went to middle school she got so far behind with her work, the other students made fun of her. She had a breakdown and just stopped talking. Thanks to getting a scholarship, she was able to attend Park Academy. The difference is amazing, her grades jumped, she has friends, she just loves school. This school will guarantee our girls a better future. Thank you.
~Hal & Heather, Parents

“It might sound dramatic, but I always tell everyone Park Academy saved my son’s life. The teachers made him feel so special, respected, and important that he blossomed in ways his father and I never thought possible. An amazing transformation and I give all the credit to Park Academy and its superb teachers and administration. Park Academy has proven that good teachers and administrators, along with enlightened curriculum, can be all that a kid needs to succeed.”
~Jill, Parent

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