Some people are born teachers. Jenni Kumanchik’s journey in becoming a teacher truly exemplifies this statement. It was at a young age that Ms. Kumanchik (Ms. K) discovered her passion for education, and in Kindergarten when she declared her love for school and determined she was destined to become a teacher! While growing up, Ms. K was an active kiddo. When she wasn’t riding her bike, she could be found on the soccer field, on the basketball court, in the swimming pool, or even on the balance beam. Even now, Ms. K continues her passion for sport through avid participation in local duathlons and cycling events.

Ms. K earned her Bachelor’s of Education in Health and Physical Education from Gonzaga University. She found her niche working with special populations after completing a practicum experience in Adapted PE. Upon graduating, Ms. K worked as an Adapted PE Specialist with Evergreen Public Schools for several years while concurrently working with community partners to coach specialized athletics/recreation. In 2012, Ms. K returned to Spokane where she obtained her Master’s of Science in Physical Education with a concentration in Biomechanics. Presently, Ms. K is working on a Master’s of Education in Neuroeducation from the University of Portland.

As an educator, Ms. K firmly believes that each student possesses a unique assortment of special skills and talents. She views dyslexia as a multifactorial entity, in that it affects each individual differently. Ms. K strives to create an inclusive environment in which every student can experience success. To accommodate diverse learning needs Ms. K employs a variety of evidence-based instructional strategies. Although she doesn’t expect everyone to be the best at everything, she does expect that they will try their best regardless of the activity. Students are exposed to a variety of athletic, recreational, and fitness activities in addition to an assortment of health concepts. Assessments for physical fitness will occur throughout the school year, however, students will not be graded on skill mastery or acquisition. Instead, students are scored solely on the quality of their participation. Specifically, students are evaluated on: preparation, effort, cooperation, sportsmanship, and attitude.

Although she was born in California, Ms. K considers herself to be a Pacific Northwest lifer! Regardless of the season, she loves to be outdoors and in the mountains. When she’s not teaching or exploring the great outdoors, Ms. K enjoys spending quality time with her 18-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Lucky.


Jenni Kumanchik
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