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Acts of Kindness

1000 Acts of Kindness Challenge at Park Academy

By Craig Lowery, Head of School

Greetings Park Academy Community. I wanted to take a moment to share about our 1,000 acts of kindness campaign that launched this week at the school. Here is the text of the email sent to our staff and the messaging we are sending to our students:

Today I am issuing a challenge to the students, community, and staff of Park Academy. Every day kindness goes unrecognized but occurs throughout the school. From now until winter break I am challenging the students to choose kindness and the staff to seek out and recognize kindness when it occurs. I am setting a lofty goal of 1,000 recognized acts of kindness between now and winter break. While that sounds like a lot, it only represents one act of kindness per person per day. There is a great deal of fear and anger in the world, and it is very evident in our current cultural/political climate. We have an opportunity to choose and act differently. I am choosing love and kindness and hope we can recognize students doing the same.

I will distribute kindness recognition cards for staff to liberally distribute when they witness acts of kindness. Students should tape their recognition cards to the wall surrounding the display case Periodically cards will be chosen for recognition through random prizes and we will keep track of the running total on our way to 1,000. If we can reach this lofty goal we will host a school wide party after the holiday.

Please look for opportunities to address this theme in classes in the days ahead and generously recognize students who CHOOSE to demonstrate kindness.


If you are a parent I encourage you to discuss and practice kindness with your children as the bridge from home to school and school to home makes messages and learning much more powerful. If you are a community member I hope that the message and mission of Park Academy is inspiring.

With hope, love, and kindness,

Craig Lowery
Park Academy | Head of School

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