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Park Academy Teacher Wis List

Park Academy Teacher Wish List

Multi sensory teaching is an essential piece of our students’ education at Park Academy. When given the opportunity to make connections between the visual, auditory, and tactile pathways, our students THRIVE.

“The blocks help me understand the numbers in my math problem.  They help me more than just the writing on the page, plus it is fun!” – Third grade student

Sometimes I feel anxious and so having a wiggle chair or a yoga ball helps me focus on the lesson.” – Middle School Student

“At my old school, our PE teacher always made us play kickball.  Ms. K teaches us so many different games, sports and healthy exercises. She encourages me to try new things and this helps me stay engaged.” – Middle School Student

“When my teachers have the tools we need, I can focus on the big picture concepts and not worry about the busy work things. Other math teachers have given me a math worksheet with repetitive problems on it.  But here, with Mrs. Mart’s help, I have access to a calculator or a white board and I can focus on understanding the math concept.

–Sophomore student

In the spirit of the Season of Giving, we invite you to play a role in this learning.  Our teachers have created a list of items that will enhance their classroom, curriculum or their own personal development. These manipulatives, technology, organizational tools and other resources ensure that our students receive the type education that works best for them.

We have made it fairly simple; almost all items are listed on our Amazon wish list.  These items range from $10 to larger ticket items.  We do have some wishes that even Amazon can’t fill, those can be found here.

Want to multiply your impact? With these few steps, you can help our students even more:

Your gift can go further by using the Benefit app to order Amazon SCRIP purchases for your gift purchases AND by looking for requested items on AmazonSmile.com. Please see below for instructions.

Of course, if you would prefer to make a financial contribution to Park Academy, you are welcome to do so! You can make a cash gift at the link above. Volunteers from Clackamas Community College set up this page on our behalf to collect these contributions which will be used for our highest need.

On behalf of myself, our students and families, faculty, staff, and Board of Directors, we wish you a wonderful holiday season!  We are grateful to have your support of Park Academy!

Craig Lowery

Head of School

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