Earning College Credit

Gaining college experience while still a student in high school is an excellent way to explore your future interests, earn college credits, learn what college is like, and how it differs from high school.

There are several ways that you can do this while at Park Academy.

  • Take a class at your local community college:  Students can enroll in a single class of their choosing! Park Academy students have taken PE (soccer, hip hop, and ballroom dancing), foreign language, music, math and physics—the possibilities are endless! This could be a good option during the summer or during your senior year as part of your post-high school transition! The credits apply to your current high school and future college transcripts. Classes generally cost about $100 per credit hour and is the responsibility of the family.
  • Dual enrollment: Students receive both high school and college credit for the same class.  Park Academy has a partnership with Portland Community College through the PCC Dual Credit Program.


Students taking pre-calculus at Park Academy earn 5 college credits of Math 111 College Algebra. They are enrolled in PCC but receive free tuition through the Dual Credit Program.  Dr. Mart is approved as a certified PCC instructor and has aligned her pre-calculus class, course materials and outcomes to the Math 111 class taught at PCC –and throughout the Oregon University system!  Students in her class benefit from experiencing a college class before they even graduate from high school. Grades in this class appear on the students official PCC transcript and are transferable to other colleges.  When offered, this opportunity is included with Park Academy tuition.


Introductory college classes for high school students:

Many colleges will offer classes designed especially for high school students as an introduction to their campus and the college environment:

Clackamas Community College

Clackamas Community College has two distinct summer programs:

The Summer Scholars program offers free classes to graduating seniors who live in Clackamas County(CCC) and are interested in a jumpstart to college.

The CCC High School Connections Program offers free one week summer camps to high school students living and going to school in Clackamas County.  Students can explore their interests in fields such as welding, art, technology or horticulture through hands-on activities on the college campus and earn free credit!



The state of Oregon’s four year technical university. Oregon Tech, offers classes to qualified high school students through their High School Transition (HST) program. Available classes vary from the standard first year to career technical courses, throughout the school year and summer too. Located in Wilsonville, the tuition for is $25 per credit hour in the HST program. For more information contact Josh Jones.



Portland Community College sponsors a Summer Teen Program through their Community Education Program. Classes are smaller, offered for a nominal fee and do not require homework or final exams. This program provides a fun, engaging experience for teens in the summer.

Please contact Linda West if you are interested in any of these programs or have further questions.

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