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Sofia Hussain

Sofia Hussain

Sofia Hussain grew up in California and completed her undergraduate degree in Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. She then completed her Master’s degree in molecular evolution at the University of South Florida. After graduation she worked in Biotech starting with an immunology lab at a Comprehensive Cancer Center. She met her husband while in Florida and then moved to San Francisco a few years later. In the Bay Area Ms. Hussain worked at various Biotech companies from Amgen to Genetic and contributed to several publications in the fields of genetics, immunology, and cancer.

About ten years ago Ms. Hussain realized how much she missed teaching and mentoring: science is more fun when there were students to share the information with.  She made the career switch to teaching and since then she has taught a variety of science classes at public and private schools at the middle and high school level.  Her last school in California specializes in teaching students with executive functioning disorders (Non-Verbal Learning Disorders or on the Autism/Aspergers spectrum).  Ms. Hussain enjoys creating an immersive, entertaining, and challenging curriculum that enables students to build a solid foundation in science as well as 21st century skills essential for thriving in the world after high school.

During the solar eclipse of 2017, Ms. Hussain fell in love with Portland while visiting some friends.  6 months later she moved here with her husband and her two Australian Shepherds. This is her 3rd year as the High School science teacher at Park Academy and every day feels so fortunate to be a part of the Park Academy community. She is looking forward to another amazing year of science.

Email: shussain@parkacademy.org