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Words Matter

Words Matter!

sandy-nemerMrs. Nemer’s class conducted a Love/Hate #2 experiment. This is a non-quantifiable science project based upon a Japanese researcher, Dr. Masuru Emoto, who looked at how ice crystals formed when exposed to positive words vs. negative words. This video highlights how his experiment turned out.

We wanted to test this theory. With our experiment, we used freshly cooked rice instead of waiting for ice crystals to form. In this rice experiment we put rice into two different jars and labeled half with hateful words on them and the other half with positive-love words. Some of the words on the negative jars were, “Stupid”, “Loser”, and “Hate”, while words on the positive jars read, “Love”, “Grateful”, “Joyful” and “Peace”.


After only one week, change started happening. Some of the positive jars turned pink and the negative jars started turning black. By the third week, the negative jars were filled black mold, while most of the positive jars had not changed. Some jars that had turned pink started slowly turning green.


This is what we learned:

  • Mold can have hair
  • Feelings or words can have a physical impact
  • Positive energy can effect changes
  • Positive energy vs. negative energy and their effects
  • Energy cannot be measured


We hand many discussions about how words matter in all of our lives. Words can affect us on a daily basis. At Park Academy, we strive to have positive words floating around our classrooms, in the hallways and sometimes even in jars of rice!! We can’t measure the specific outcomes of these words, but we sure can feel them!

Sandy Nemer
Teacher, Park Academy

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