The Park Center Tutoring Program

Building on Park Academy’s mission to provide an inclusive community where evidence-based practices empower students with dyslexia and related learning differences to reach their highest academic and personal potential, we are pleased to announce the Park Center Tutoring Program.  

Built to address the educational needs of struggling readers, our Orton Gillingham trained educators will work with your child, one on one, to build their literacy skills.  

We offer tutoring sessions of three times a week for eight weeks (sessions are 50 minutes each), or sessions twice a week for 12 weeks (sessions are 50 minutes each).  

Tuition for the 24 sessions is $2,400, with an additional $100 for an intake/assessment. 

To inquire, please click the button below. 

**Session times will be arranged between the student’s family and the tutor, but typically will fall on weekdays between 4pm – 6pm.


A tutoring session is 50 minutes, 1:1 in-person with an Orton Gillingham trained reading specialist. During that time, the student can expect to work on phonemic awareness, handwriting, sound-spelling correspondence, decoding, encoding (spelling) both phonetic and non phonetic (sight) words, basic writing conventions, passage reading, and reading fluency. Depending on the student, the tutor may also spend more time on fine motor development, visual tracking, strengthening memory, grammar, writing structure & reading comprehension.

All tutoring sessions will be on our Park Academy campus.  We are not able to provide a remote option at this time.

Yes, tutoring sessions can happen year-round.  During the school year sessions will be between 4pm -6pm, however, times will be mutually agreeable between tutor and the family.  Summer sessions may occur outside of these typical times.

Not necessarily, professionals use a wide variety of terms and labels to identify struggles in reading. Students who may benefit from our tutoring program may have a specific learning disability in reading and written expression, students at risk for learning disabilities due to family history, and/or students who receive reading interventions in their current academic setting.

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